SCA’s Christmas Chess Tournament 2017

SCA’s Christmas Chess Tournament 2017

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  • December 15, 2017

SCA’s Christmas Chess Tournament 2017

Harrow International School Shanghai
10 December 2017
145 participants competed in SCA’s largest interschool chess tournament so far, representing 25 schools across the city.

Silence before the storm

Arriving at Harrow

Opening Ceremony

Just Before the Battle


8 rounds for “OPEN” and 5 rounds for “Under 6” were played throughout the course of the day.

Parents during the games

Commentary Station

Closing & Award Ceremony


During the awards ceremony, trophies, medals and prizes were awarded for the top 3 individuals, the top 3 in age brackets under 10, 8 and 6 years old, the top 3 females, the youngest participant and the school teams.

Individual Championship

1. Joydeep Laha

2. Ethan Zhou

3. Hongzhi Wu

Reigning Champion and Tough Opponents

The championship was decided in the final round between undefeated Joydeep Laha and rising star Hongzhi Wu who dropped just half a point before the 8th and final round. Hongzhi, playing black, went all in right from the start sacrificing a piece to open white’s castle. It might have been a bluff but it certainly created real trouble and if Hongzhi had only found a subtle manoeuvre with the rook from the other side of the board to join the fierce attacking forces then the outcome of the game would remain an open question. Joydeep managed to refute the sacrifice with a few very precise moves and even though the black player tried many tricks until the very end, the champion from previous competitions defended his title.

Ethan Zhou finished second place and lost just one game to the champion. It was a very close battle decided in the balanced end game when time trouble was the most decisive factor.

Female Championship

1. Eva Han

2. Apple Zhang

3. Emily He

The Female competition is growing stronger with each tournament and the title was decided by the smallest margin possible – two girls scored the same number of wins and first tie break points. Only the second tie break decided that Eva was ahead of Apple by half a point! This close competition was even more interesting given they practice together every Sunday in SCA’s advanced class at Shanghai Centre.

Third place was a big surprise as Emily He was playing only her second chess tournament ever and was already in contention for the top places.

Under 10 Age Bracket

1. Ignatius Lau joint with George McGrady

2. Boshen Zhang

3. Haesol Park

Under 8 Age Bracket

1. Donald Wen

2. Jason Wang

3. Morakot Zhang

Individual Championship – Under 6

1. Michael Lisio

2. Sebastian Lee

3. Victor Chen

School Teams

Champion Team

Shanghai American School Puxi

* Ethan Zhou

* Oscar Yasunaga

* George McGrady

* Hetesh Chandersekar

2nd Team

Dulwich Pudong

* Hongzhi Wu

* Ignatius Lau

* Joseph Glasson

* Marco Wang

3rd Team

Nord Anglia International School

* Joydeep Laha

* Sidharth Sunil Menon

* Marcus Lo

* Minato Kuba

Under 6 – First Chess Tournament

All Participants


Open Standings

Under 6 Standings

Under 8 Standings

Under 10 Standings

School Team Standings

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Harrow International School Shanghai

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