2022 SCA Summer Camp

Hi, young chess lovers! 

After months of waiting, our summer off-line chess activities are finally ready to unfold. The in-person activities will be held in SCA Hongqiao Center and SCA Jinqiao Center. 

The five-day-a-week fun-filled learning activities will effectively help kids enhance their skills level and playing strength. We are looking forward to meeting you offline. At the same time, we will take safety measures to ensure your good health and well-being. 

SCA summer off-line activities will begin on July 4. See you on July 4.  Come and enjoy the game of kings! 

For the information of our full summer activities please scroll down to the end.

Camp Date:4 July to 26 August

Time: Monday to Friday 

Morning 9:30am to 12:30pm

Levels: Beginner 2 to Advance 3

Format: Mixed Group

Location: Jinqiao & Hongqiao



Weekly Price



Register 2 weeks of Summer Chess Camp or more, to enjoy 5% discount. 

Sibling Discount

15% off for siblings of existing members registered for the same season.(Cannot be combined with any other discount and must be requested at the time of registration.).

Become a chess player in one week

Play chess in Yijian Library

SCA’s  become a chess player in one week activity will kick off from August 1st to 5th and August 8th to 12th, 14:00 – 15:00 at Yijian library ( 633 Biyun Road,Pudong,Shanghai)

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“Become a chess player in one week” activitiy is designed for kids without prior knowledge of the game and those, who possesses some knowledge, but still very limited.

Throughout the first phase of the course, we will review the basic rules of the game. Kids will practice the game starting with simple positions without Kings on the board. Gradually as they master the moves, we will add more pieces until they can perform the game with the full set. 

The second part of the activity will consist mixture of chess calculation topics and chess strategy topics. Each acticity will be divided into blocks during which we will review covered topics, start a new topic and practice it during the chess game.

The main objective of it is to enable kids to play full game of chess, keeping in mind basic strategical and tactical principles of the game.