Autumn Season 2022

2022 Autumn Season

SCA welcomes Autumn with more fun and exciting activities. Come and watch the activity preview of the new season. Register on or before 31 July and get discount coupons!

Small Group

15 WEEKS  

Location :Hongqiao,Jinqiao

Time :2022.9.3 – 2022.12.18



Discount: Register before or on 31 July.

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Online Master Activities

 14 WEEKS 

Location :Online

Chess Master:Enkhtuul Altan-Ulzii(Women’s Chess Champion )


✅Two Activities per week(Mon./Wed.) One online practice session.

Season Report

(Available to members who attended at least 8 activities in the same Season)

Registration Fee:6,750RMB

Rrgistration Link:

Grand Prix Tournaments

Grand Prix Weekly Tournament 

SCA’s  Autumn Season Grand Prix 2022 Series is a unique series runs in Jinqiao and Hongqiao weekly tournaments. Each tournament is a separate event and players will compete for certificates, and badges, but there is even a bigger prize – qualification to the prestigious Grand Final Tournament! The top 8 players will compete in the Grand Final to determine the winners of the SCA’s Autumn Season Grand Prix 2022 series.

All levels


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Registered & Paid before/on 31 July 2022

Total Fee above 4,000rmb

voucher worth 320rmb

Total Fee above 6,500rmb

voucher worth 520rmb

Total Fee above 9,000rmb

voucher worth 750rmb


E-voucher worth RMBxxx and can be used for SCA Grand Prix Weekly Tournament or Chess Skills Online Mini Series or SCA Tournament (exclude Local Grading Tournament). 电子券价值人民币xxx元,可以在SCA组织的每周大奖赛或棋艺讲解线上迷你系列或SCA锦标赛(不含国内升级赛)中使用。

Only one voucher can be used during the same programme registration. 同一个活动项目报名,只能使用一张劵。

Voucher cannot be used with other discount. 此劵不可与其他折扣同时使用。

Voucher expiration date is before 31 Dec 2022. 此劵有效期为2022.12.31日之前。

Please show the email contains E-voucher as proof when use it. 请出示收到电子券的邮件作为使用凭证。

If cancel or quit activities, the voucher will be cancelled or its value will be adjusted. 取消或退出活动,则优惠券将被取消或调整其价值。

SCA has the final right of interpretation. SCA拥有最终解释权。

Voucher will be sent to Parents via support@scachess.com on/before 5 Aug 2022.优惠券将于8月5日发送至您的邮箱。