SCA’s 7th Anniversary Online Tournament!

SCA's 7th Anniversary Online Tournament

We’re grateful for seven years of making a big difference in young ones’ lives.

For seven years, the mission of SCA has been to spread the passion for chess for children and create a unique community. Our company strives to discover and develop talent for chess among youngsters.
SCA has grown, even in challenging times like the pandemic. We are still as committed to our mission now as we were when we started our company way back in 2015, and we’re getting better at it every day.

On 15 August, SCA will be celebrating its 7th founding anniversary by hosting a special anniversary tournament.
Let’s play and have lots of fun as we celebrate our milestone.
Say chess!

How To Participate?

Registration Age

U18 Group:Born in or after 2004

U16 Group:Born between 2006 to 2011

U10 Group:Born in or after 2012

About Tournament 




Sonneborn-Berger score 

(It is computed by summing the conventional score of each defeated opponent, and half the conventional score of each drawn opponent.)

8 Rounds 

Pairing system


Time Control 

10 + 2

2 Webinars

Pre-tournament Webinar:

15 August 2022, 10:00-10:30

Fair play and good sportsmanship rules

Technical Support

Post-tournament Webinar:

19 August 2022, 17:30-19:00 

Results Announcement 

Top Performance Analysis 

Brilliancy Prize Winners 

Interview With Champions

Q&A section 


300RMB (Tournament and Webinars)