Fun Weekend at Kerry Jing’an

Kerry On x SCA Coaches x Chesskid SCA和Chesskid 在嘉里中心活动现场

SCAs’ Fun Chess Weekend will take place at the Kerry Centre, Jing’an, on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 October, from 4-7pm. Come along to play friendly games, join a Simultaneous Fun Wheel with an International Master, try a free Chess Taster or compete on our Giant Chess set. 



Friendly Games 友谊赛

Everyone welcome, just turn up and play



Simultaneous Fun Wheel – 5pm on Saturday 26 October   国际象棋趣味车轮战– 10月26日周六下午5点

SCA’s Coach, International Master Vitaly Samolin will provide a Simultaneous Fun Wheel match at 5pm on Saturday 26 October. Register at SCA’s table during the event – places available on a first come basis.

我们SCA的教练,国际大师级棋手Vitaly Samolin会在10月26日周六下午5点开始与大家进行趣味车轮战对局。活动名额先到先得,请在活动开始后到SCA的展位进行注册。

Simultaneous Fun Wheel 国际象棋趣味车轮战

Chess Taster 国际象棋体验

If your child has never learned to play chess, come to SCA’s Activity area anytime during the event to learn the basics of the ancient game. For kids who already know how to play, come and play games! 


Giant Chess Games 大号国际象棋对局

Throughout the event there will be a giant chess set available for play on first-come winner stays on basis.


Giant Chess at KPS 活动现场的大号国际象棋盘

SCA Introduction 国际象棋学院介绍

SCA Chess Academy provides professional international chess instruction in Shanghai. We provide Chess in English at more than 15 international schools, centres, prestigious venues and homes all around the city. Our coaches are all professional foreign chess coaches and include chess masters and expert instructors. 


Live Commentary 实时比赛讲解
Coach Kinga at SHC Kinga 教练课堂现场
Coach Kinga at SHC Kinga 教练课堂现场