New Year Tournament 2020 open for registration!

New Year Tournament 2020 open for registration!

SCA’s 2020 New Year Tournament will take place on Friday 3rd January at Yew Chung International School of Shanghai – Puxi (Hongqiao Campus)

1. Venue and schedule

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Friday 3rd January

Yew Chung International School of Shanghai – Puxi (Hongqiao Campus)

一月三日早8:30 到下午4:30


8:30 AM Check In
9:15 AM Opening Ceremony
9:30 AM 1st round
10:15 AM 2nd round
11:00 AM 3rd round
11:30-12:30 Lunch break
12:30 PM 4th round
13:15 PM 5th round
14:00 PM 6th round
14:45 PM 7th round
15:30 PM Closing and reward ceremony

2. Participation and System

SCA’s New Year Tournament shall be played according to the Swiss System in 7 rounds with three age groups – each a separate competition. According to FIDE rules, the time control will be 10 minutes with 10 seconds increment for every move played starting from move one.

Age groups:
Under 8 years old (U8) Born in or after 2012
Under 10 years old (U10) Born in or after 2010
Under 18 years old (U18) Born in or after 2002

Each participant has the right to enter an older age group, but not younger.

Places are limited, maximum 100 participants in total.

3. Registration and Fee

Deadline for registration is December 23rd.
Registration form has to be submitted online https://yoopay.cn/payment/event_new_pay/SCAnewyear2020

Participation fee is RMB300 per child, includes participation t-shirt and lunch.
There is an Early Bird Discount as follows:
15% off Before 5th December
10% off Before 12th December
5% off Before 19th December

Late registrations: applications received after 23rd December 2020 may be refused or be subjected to an additional entry fee (at least equal to the reimbursement of extra costs incurred by the organizers).

4. Prizes

Champions in each age group will receive a trophy.
First three finishers in each age group shall receive medals.
Top 5 players in each age group shall receive certificates.
The youngest participant will receive a medal.
Other prizes are subject to sponsorships and will be announced during the opening ceremony.

5. Tie-break Points

Standings are decided by points then tie break points in the order below:
Tie Break 1: Buchholz (each player’s Buchholz score is calculated by adding the raw scores of each of the opponents he played and multiplying this total by the player’s raw score)
Tie Break 2: Greater number of victories
Tie Break 3: Direct encounter
Tie Break 4: Median-Buchholz (the best and worst scores of a player’s opponents are discarded, and the remaining scores summed)

6. Special competition rules

Illegal moves – 2 strikes rule
The first completed illegal move is penalized by a warning. The second completed illegal move by the same player results in the loss of the game, unless the position is such that it is impossible for the opponent to win by any series of legal moves (e.g. if the opponent has a lone king) in which case the game is drawn. A move is completed when it has been made and the player has pressed the clock.

Touch-move rule
If a player deliberately touches a piece on the board when it is their turn to move, then they must move or capture that piece if it is legal to do so. If it is the player’s piece that was touched, it must be moved if they have a legal move. If the opponent’s piece was touched, it must be captured if it can be captured with a legal move.

No food is allowed in the playing hall.

7. Additional information

Playing Hall
The Playing hall will be open only for participants during their games. Every participant should leave the area right after their game finishes.

Parents’ area
There will be seating area provided for parents in the cafeteria on the ground floor with a live broadcast of the first board and playing hall during rounds.
Parents or guardians must remain onsite and supervise participants when they are not playing games.

There isn’t any parking space on the campus. You may consider nearby shopping malls for parking as pointed out below.

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8. Contact
Email: support@scachess.com
Official WeChat account