SCA Online Webinar for parents – “A Chess Journey with SCA” SCA 在线家长会 – “与SCA相伴的国际象棋之旅”

Online Webinar

A discussion of chess, education and children’s development

Everyone is welcome to join!


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Hello everyone! On Thursday, 11th June, SCA will host a live webinar with Coach Turan and Coach Kinga. They will share insights from their own chess learning experience and explain how they have benefited from it.

During the lecture, the coaches will also give a thorough explanation of the SCA chess learning system. Parents are encouraged to pose questions and continue the discussion during a live Q&A session right afterwards. Let’s discover how to maximize the effects of learning chess so that children can benefit to the greatest extent!

Everyone is welcome to join the webinar, whether you are a current member of SCA or not.


Webinar Structure:
8:00—8:20: Coach lecture, sharing chess learning experience
8:20—9:00: Parents Q&APresenter introduction 主讲人介绍: