Online Tournament May 10th Review 5月10日比赛回顾

Summer is approaching and the conflict on the boards is getting fiery and intense.

Every Sunday, SCA Chess Academy from Shanghai hosts an online tournament on to give students an opportunity to put into practice their gained knowledge.

Last weekend, 43 junior players from China, Hongkong, France, Poland, Azerbaijan and the Philippines played in the tournament.

Time control was 8 minutes +2, 6 rounds.                          

Here are the results of the heated contest. The 1 2 3 podium went to

  1. Granucci Lucas (SAS-LucasG) SCA Chess Academy
  2. Donald Wen (SUIS-DonaldW) SCA Chess Academy
  3. Adrien Tsien (LFDS-AdrienT) SCA Chess Academy


An exciting tournament! We present you some highlights from the games:


11 year old Donald Wen (SUIS-DonaldW 1575), the second placer, launched a queenside minority attack with the Black pieces. With b4, he pushes back White’s knight on c3 and then uncorked a spectacular queen sacrifice to deliver a back-rank mate a few moves later.

In an equal position, 5 year old Michael Jiang (SCIS-MichaelJ 1495), the current Grand Prix  tournament leader pushed too hard with Nh4 (Rb1 is stronger), allowing 9 year old Eva Han (SHSID-EvaH 1554) to play a wicked Bb5 skewer and seize the decisive advantage.

The last game brings us back to the 19th century Romantic era of chess and illustrates the dangers of falling into opening traps. 11 year old Brian Cheng (Concordia-BrianCh 1270) essayed the notorious Fried Liver attack of the Italian Game after Black played Nxd5 (Na5 instead is correct). Black should have played the stronger move Ke6 in lieu of Kg8? to defend the mule on d5 after White’s Qf3 check .