Online Tournament May 17th Review 5月17日比赛回顾

Once again, we witnessed fast and furious encounters on the boards and we were treated to an abundance of brilliant ideas played by our young mind gladiators.

Every Sunday, SCA Chess Academy from Shanghai hosts an online tournament on www.chesskid.com to give students an opportunity to put into practice their learned skills.

Last Sunday, May 17, junior players from several countries participated in the competition.

Time control was 8 minutes +2, 6 rounds.

Here are the results:

This time the 1 2 3 rostrum went to

  1. Harry Wang (VKBS-Harry)
  2. Michael Jiang (SCIS- Michael J) SCA Chess Academy
  3. Eva Han (SHSID-EvaH) SCA Chess Academy

Well done!!

We present you some brilliant moments from the games:

Harry Wang (VKBS-Harry 1336), the tournament winner played excellently and was quite successful with the Englund Gambit. We see two curious identical cases. POL-KacperK (1460) and SCIS-MichaelJ (1477) both fell as White to Harry’s opening, but with 6. Nc3! (instead of 6.Bc3??), the gambit would have been effectively refuted.

The second encounter shows us two things: why the apple on d4 should not have been eaten and why the pin is mightier than the sword. The game is a classic case of the 4Ps (putting pressure on the pinned piece).  5 year old Michael Jiang (SCIS-MichaelJ 1485) was quick to pounce on White’s mistake (12. Nexd4?) with Bc5 and Ng4.  We like his creeping moves 15.. Qd7, preparing Rd8 and 18.. a5 with the idea of Ba6.

The third game is one for the books. Titian (SAS-TitianZ 1265) marshalled his White army in exploiting the weak dark squares around Black’s beleaguered king.  Black could have played 16.. Kh8 instead of Kg8? but White’s attack is quite strong after 17. Nf6 Kg7 18. Nxh7 Kxh7 19. Bxf7!.  The full point was nailed down with 18. Rxd4! (eliminating the defender).

Congratulations to all participants!