SCA’s Easter Online Tournament 2022 Results

SCA Easter Online Tournament 2022 Results

SCA’s Easter online tournament and webinar came to a successful wrap-up this week. Even though we are still under the pandemic, we have witnessed the enthusiasm and positive attitude of nearly 100 young chess players fighting to win and aiming for top honors.

Thank you to our sponsor, BE Education and Lulu Wang for providing many wonderful prizes and gifts.

In the exclusive post-tournament webinar, the coaches analyzed games in the tournament and answered all the participants’ questions. Valuable tips were also given on how to get better results in an online tournament.



Jifan Zhao 2208 Pts:5

2nd Place 

Hao Ran Leung 2230 Pts:5

3rd Place 

Alexander Li 1917 Pts:5

Best Female 

Riki Xu 1648 Pts:4

Zoe Zhu 1370 Pts:3

Jiamin Yeo 1383 Pts:2



Michael Jiang 2025 Pts:6

2nd Place 

William Chu 1828 Pts:5

3rd Place 

Jack Ma 1878 Pts:5

Best Female 

Joy Xu 1619 Pts:4

Stephanie Chen 1644 Pts:4

Ann Long 1262 Pts:3.5

The Youngest Participants 

Emma Zhang 1343 Pts:2 6 years old 

Congratulations to all the winners and participants!

Let’s join the tournament group if you haven’t join yet.

Thanks to our Sponsor BE Education and Lulu Wang’s supports for chess and their gifts for our players!

BE Education Founded in 2003, is an international education consultancy based in China. After years of rapid growth, they now have offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and London. 

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