SCA’s Dragon Boat Tournament Result 2022

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SCA‘s Dragon Boat International Online Chess Tournament 2022

Michael Jiang and Humphrey Xiao once again spewed fire on the chess boards to dominate respectively the U10 and U16 categories of SCA’s Dragon Boat Festival Online Tournament held last June 3 on the popular Lichess platform.We witnessed many fiery encounters in the 8-round Rated Swiss tournament with 10 minutes + 2 seconds time control.Two new special prizes were introduced. The Diamond Knight Prize is given to the player who executed the most interesting plan in the game, and Chess Phoenix Prize is best owed on the participant who made a great comeback from a difficult position.

U16 Group


Humphrey Xiao 2082 Pts:8

2nd Place

Will Zhang 2085 Pts:6.5

3rd Place

Hao Ran Leung 2339 Pts:6

Best Female 最佳女参赛者

Emily He 1614 Pts:4


with Champion

Interview with Humphrey Xiao

We had an interesting conversation with Humphrey. He credits his victory to 1-hour training everyday, time management skills during the games and diligence in opening study. Despite his resounding success, he was candid and humble in victory. He told us, “I think I was lucky this time. I am still learning on how to improve my play. To be honest, I think some of the players are stronger than me like Will, Donald and Hao Ran. I almost lost to Will and Donald.”


U10 Group


Michael Jiang 2072 Pts:7.5

2nd Place 

Charlie Lu  1895 Pts:6.5

3rd Place 

Raphael Corcolle 1839 Pts:56.5

Best Female

Annabelle Long 1281 Pts:4

Amber Xu 1345 Pts:3.5

Ann Long 1105 Pts:3.5




with Champion

Interview with Champion

Interview with Michael Jiang 

Michael Jiang scored an impressive 7.5 points out of 8 rounds to win his third consecutive SCA U10 tournament. He only conceded a draw to Raphael Corcole in the 5th round and won the Brilliancy Prize as well.

When interviewed about his tournament preparation, Michael said,

“I play chess for 3-4 hours a week. I focus on the same openings like the Queen’s Gambit.  Now I am very good at it. Play the opening that you are interested in and keep practicing it!”, he added.