Tournament Info

SCA’s Summer International Chess Festival 2019 Participant Information

The entire event will take place indoors, on the 4th floor of Shanghai Centre Atrium – and will go ahead what ever the weather!

Pairings, results and standings online:

  1. U6:
  2. U8:
  3. U10:
  4. U18:

Live Broadcast from the First Board:



Registration opens at 08:00 and closes at 09:00 followed by the Opening Ceremony.

There will be two lines for check in, one for U6 and U8 categories and another one for U10 and U18, please make sure to choose the correct queue.

All participants need to collect their t-shirts and gift bags during the registration. Please arrive punctually so we can start on-time.

Kids who are late for the 1st round will be declared lost by default but can still participate from the 2nd round. Arriving early will also allow participants to get familiar with the playing hall, chess clocks and tournament rules, which we will discuss before the first round. There will be a practice area available for participants.



This is a swiss-system tournament with 7 rounds for each category: U8, U10 and U18 and 5 rounds for U6 category.. The participants who registered for under 12 years old will compete in the U18 category due to low numbers.

Rounds for each category will take place simultaneously in specified areas so every participant needs to be aware of their category. All participants will play in each round in their own category, unless there is an odd number of participants, then one player rests in each round.


Starting Lists and Ratings

Please visit our official WeChat account for the online starting list of participants on Friday. If there is any mistake or you can’t find the name of your child, please contact us as soon as possible. Live pairings, results and standings will be available there during the tournament.


SCA’s live Top Players and Top Girls rating lists based on previous tournaments and rated games are available on our website and WeChat official account. Rating lists are updated daily with changes from all rated games (including SCA tournaments and games played under tournament conditions in our small group classes and camps). If you don’t want your child’s name in the rating list please let us know.


Lunch Break

After the 3rd round we will have a lunch break. There is a variety of restaurants available in Shanghai Centre. Please be aware there won’t be lunch provided by the organizer.

Games will resume at 1:00 PM, then we will play 4 more rounds (2 more rounds in U6 category) in the afternoon.

Parents or guardians should remain onsite and supervise participants when they are not playing games.



We will use chess clocks during games, with time control of 10 minutes per player for the entire game + 10 seconds increment after each move. This means that one round can last up to around 30 minutes.

Participants are required to press the chess clock after each move to stop their own time and trigger their opponent’s clock. The Head Arbiter will demonstrate how it works before the first round. Running out of time results in losing the game.


The official FIDE chess rules apply. We will review the most important rules during the event, however, please pay extra attention to the touch move rule, which means that if a player deliberately touches a piece on the board when it is their turn to move, then the player must move or capture that piece if it is legal to do so. If it is the player’s piece that was touched, it must be moved if it has a legal move. If the opponent’s piece was touched, it must be captured if it can be captured with a legal move.


Tournament venue

The entire event will take place on the 4th floor Atrium of Shanghai Centre.

The Playing area will be open only for participants during their games. Every participant should leave the area right after their game finishes. Parent are allowed to observe the playing hall from 5th or 6th floor if they would like to.

There will be seating area with tables provided for parents right next to the playing area.


Awards Ceremony

There will be trophies, medals and certificates for each category.

Along with the individual competition, the standings for the top schools will be announced according to the total number of medals which their students achieved.



Check in 8:00-9:00
Check in closed, pairings prepared 9:00-9:15
Opening Ceremony 9:15-9:30
Round 1 9:45-10:15
Round 2 10:30-11:00
Group photo 11:15-11:30
Round 3 11:30-12:00
Lunch break 12:00-1:00
Round 4 1:00-1:30
Round 5 1:45-2:15
U6 Award Ceremony 2:30-2:45
Round 6 2:45-3:15
Round 7 3:30-4:00
U8, U10, U18 Award Ceremony 4:15-4:45



1376 Nanjing W Rd, Shanghai Centre Plaza, Jing’an, Shanghai

南京西路1376号, 上海商城4楼, 近西康路



There is parking space available at Shanghai Centre (30RMB/H). We recommend to use public transportation or taxi.