How to join an online session 如何参加在线课程

Checklist before joining a session

  • Make sure no other app or software uses microphone. (camera is not needed)
  • Make sure you are in a quiet room, no background noises, no eating during the session.
  • Younger students should be accompanied by parents, especially at the beginning and during the first session, so that they can get all the technical support and benefit from the class the most.

System requirements:

  • Only laptop and PCs
  • Google Chrome is recommended as a browser, also works on Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Other browsers are not supported.
  • Mobile devices are not supported, including Showtime app.


  • 确保没有其它应用程序或软件使用麦克风。(不需要摄像头)
  • 确保学生所处的房间安静,没有背景噪音,上课期间不允许吃东西。
  • 低年级的学生应由家长陪同,尤其应在课程开始和第一节课全程陪同,这样学生可以得到所有的技术支持,最大程度地受益于课堂。


  • 只限于笔记本电脑和台式电脑
  • 推荐使用谷歌浏览器,也适用于火狐浏览器和Opera浏览器。不支持其它浏览器。
  • 现阶段不支持移动设备,包括Showtime应用程序。

Follow the steps below to join a chess session


Go to the confirmation email or reminder emails and click on “Join the session”. It will open a new page on your default browser.

打开确认邮件或提醒邮件,点击“Join the session”。它会在你的默认浏览器中打开一个新的页面。

Once checking is done, click on continue to join the session.


Allow to use microphone when the coach grants you to access by clicking on “Yes” on top of the screen.


You will be able to see the coach and the shared screen as soon as the coach. So please be patient. However, if it takes more than a minute, try to refresh your browser.





You can change the language from settings by clicking on “info”. It will only affect the system language, not the language of coach.



You can use the chat to talk to the coach and other students. You can also choose to talk to the coach directly by selecting Chat with Trainer. Use chat politely and reasonably.

你可以使用聊天功能与教练和其他学生交谈,也可以选择“Chat with Trainer” 功能来与教练直接沟通。请礼貌而且合理地使用聊天功能。

Use notes function to take notes during the session. Remember to send the session notes to your email address before you end the session.





You can mute and unmute your microphone during the session. Make sure it’s muted when there are noises around you.


You can always submit a question to the coach if you find it interesting and relevant to the class. It will be visible to all other students and you can learn from each other.





During the session, the Coach may ask all the students the same question by Polls. After all the answers are submitted, you will be able to see the results. The question will appear on your screen as a pop-up window.


If you need to leave the computer for a moment, please let your Coach know by writing in Chat, so that they are aware of your absence. Don’t just say it out loud, since sometimes it’s difficult to identify a person only by voice.

If the Coach’s video goes black at any point, try to turn it off and on, it should fix it.