SCA Sponsorship

SCA Sponsorship Opportunities

SCA Chess Academy provides professional international chess instruction in Shanghai. We teach chess in English at more than 15 international schools, and centres and people’s homes all around the city. Our coaches are all professional foreign chess coaches and include chess masters and expert instructors.

The Sport
Chess is the world’s number one thinking sport played regularly by millions of people worldwide and is widely recognized to improve brain function and academic performance. Here in Shanghai we’re building an international chess community. Will you join us!?

SCA Tournaments & Events
SCA Chess holds regular tournaments and events for kids at international schools and notable venues across Shanghai. Our events attract 100-200 participants and their families, totalling several hundred visitors for each event. Every SCA Tournament includes 5 competition categories (cups), and a prize and awards ceremony. Sponsor’s tables are placed in the parents’ area which features a big screen with live broadcast and commentary of the games.

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