How to register for an online session 如何报名在线课程

Follow the steps below to register and join our online chess sessions


Visit SCA Website

Find the online chess classes timetable for each level and choose the class with suitable time and level



Click on the arrow to view date and time for each session and choose the one which you would like to register.
It is required to register each session (date) separately.


Before registering, scroll down and click on “Verify” to verify your system requirements. Once confirming system requirements, click on “Register” to proceed to registration.


Fill the student’s full name, parent’s full name, email address and student’s existing registration details, then click on “Register Now”

输入学生的全名,家长的全名,邮箱地址,以及学生现有的报名信息,然后点击“Register Now”

Check mailbox for the confirmation email (You might need to check spam box) You will also receive email reminders 24 hours and 10 minutes before the session. You will later use the link (Join the session) in the confirmation email to join the session.

System requirements:

  • Only laptop and PCs
  • Google Chrome is recommended as a browser, also works on Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Other browsers are not supported.
  • Mobile devices are not supported, including Showtime app.

检查邮箱是否收到确认邮件(您可能需要检查垃圾邮件箱)。在开课前24小时和开课前10分钟,您也会收到提醒邮件。您稍后将使用邮件中的链接(Join the session)来参加课程。


  • 仅限于笔记本电脑和台式电脑
  • 推荐使用谷歌浏览器,也适用于火狐浏览器和Opera浏览器。不支持其它浏览器。
  • 现阶段不支持移动设备,包括Showtime应用程序。(只有报名阶段才支持移动设备)