How to register for an online session 如何报名在线课程

Follow the steps below to register and join our online chess sessions


1. Visit SCA Website

Find the online chess classes timetable for each level and choose the class with suitable time and level

1. 访问SCA官网


2. Click on the class name to view date and time for each session and choose the one which you would like to register.
Class link will remain the same for every week.

2. 点击课程名称可查看每节课的日期和时间,然后选择想要参加的课程即可。每周课程的上课链接不变。

3. After filling the student’s full name, parent’s full name, email address and student’s existing registration details, click on “Register” and you will see the confirmation including the meeting ID and link.

3. 输入学生的全名,家长的全名,邮箱地址,以及学生现有的报名信息,然后点击“注册”后即可收到注册确认,包括课程号和课程链接。

4. Check mailbox for the confirmation email (You might need to check spam box). You will later use the link (Click here to join) in the confirmation email to join the session. If you haven’t downloaded Zoom App, please click on the link and follow the steps to download and register.

4. 检查邮箱是否收到确认邮件(您可能需要检查垃圾邮件箱)。在开课前24小时和开课前10分钟,您也会收到提醒邮件。您稍后将使用邮件中的上课链接或者课程号来参加课程。如果你还没有下载Zoom软件,请点击上课链接来下载和注册。

If you have further questions, please contact us via WeChat official account menu. Thank you!