Online Summer Tour Sets Sail! 3 months to determine the winner



This summer, SCA brings every young chess player the chance to play in a grand tournament!

SCA Summer Tour!

The summer tour consists of 3 big tournaments on the last Sunday of each month of our online Summer Season. Tour points will be accumulated  from each tournament. 

SCA’s Summer Tour will consist of 3 big tournaments on the last Sunday of each month of Summer Season.


28th June 18:30

26th July 18:30

30th August 18:30


​Rounds: 7

Time Control: 8min+2sec

Total time: Around 2 hours

​Pairings: Open Swiss system

Tour points calculation: Accumulative points from each tournament (Swiss Points); Extra points for 1st place: 5 points; 2nd place: 4 points; 3rd place: 3 points; 4th place: 2 points; 5th place: 1 point.


Open to all participants under 15 years old.

No entry fee.

Join 15 minutes before the tournament starts;

New participants need to register at least 48 hours before the tournaments.


Top 10 students from each tournament: Certificates

Top 10 students of the entire tour: SCA light membership or ChessKid Gold Membership

Top 3 students from each tournament: private session to analyze best games

(Players who join all 3 tournaments but didn’t get any top places will get certificates for participation)


The tournaments will be hosted on:

After you have registered through the link below, you need join the tournament following the instructions: