SCA Policies 2020

We provide activities on appropriate platforms with qualified coaches. However, we do not accept liability for any consequences, and all guardians are confirming they understand when registering for our classes or events. We reserve the right to exclude children who have a negative impact on classes.

Classroom Rules

Please respect the class start and finish times so we may provide the best possible experience to all students. Students cannot eat during the class.


We reserve the right to cancel classes due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. instructor illness). We will either reschedule the class, send a substitute chess coach, or arrange a make-up class

Full Online Membership (Season registrations)

Our full online membership provides access to up to two lessons and two lectures per week for the duration of the season. At least 3 classes must be registered at one time to qualify for the full membership price. If only 1 or 2 classes remain, they can be included in the next Season’s membership when registered together and will also qualify for the Early Bird Discount. Memberships and classes are non-transferable. Each full online membership includes:

1. Up to two classes per week at your chosen time
2. ChessKid Gold membership for the duration of the season
3. Up to two lectures per week based on your level
4. Weekly ChessKid online tournaments

Light Online Membership

Our light online membership provides access to up to two lectures per week based on your level. Memberships and lectures are non-transferable.

Missed classes

Leave notices must be made at least 24 hours in advance for our coaches to maintain quality standards for all students. Weekly classes must be taken within the same week since the credits will be deducted each week regardless of the attendance.

Drop-in classes

Drop-in class tickets can be purchased at the individual class rate and used flexibly when there is space in the class. Drop-in class registration cannot be approved if the class is full of fulltime course participants. We can only guarantee places for students who register for the entire course.


Registration fees are fully refundable up to 5 working days before an activity commences. Less than 5 days before then 80% is refundable. After the first class and up to halfway through the Season, 50% of the remaining classes registration fees are refundable. Any payment transaction fees will be deducted from the refund. After half of the classes in the Season Pass have completed no refund will be issued.

Photographs and Information

We may record lessons and lectures and use for relevant promotional purposes. We may also publish competition participants name, age, school and chess federation on our online platforms. If you do not wish you or your child to be included, please inform us.


1. Sibling discount – 15% off for siblings of registered students. Cannot be combined with any other discount and must be requested at the time of registration.

2. Early Bird Discount – applies to Full Online Membership (Season registrations)

a. 15% off – until 4 weeks before course commencement
b. 10% off – until 3 weeks before course commencement
c. 5% off – until 2 weeks before course commencement

3. Referral Policy

To refer a friend, you only need to:

Share our course poster or registration QR code to your friends.

Leave a message in our WeChat official account with your friend’s name and contact info.

When your friend successfully registered in our course, both you and your friend will get 200 RMB voucher for your next registration.

Scan the QR code below to register a free trial class:

Force Majeure

Our programmes may be temporarily suspended during any period(s) where we are unable to carry out them out by reason of an Act of God, acts or decrees of governmental bodies, fire, flood, earthquake, terrorism or threats of terrorism, war, civil disorder, labour strikes or disruptions, medical epidemics or outbreaks, destruction of facilities, curtailment of transportation facilities , or any similar event or occurrence beyond our reasonable control (Force Majeure Event). We shall not be liable to deliver any programmes temporarily suspended for such reason.

Should we invoke this clause, we shall have the right (but not obligated) to offer an alternative programme. Under the above circumstances, if registrants refuse to accept the alternative programme, then a refund of programme costs will be processed according to the refund policy detailed herein.

*Discounts cannot be applied retrospectively – please inform us at the time of registration. Discounts cannot be combined.







由于不可预见的情况(例如教练生病),我们将保留取消课程的权利。 我们将重新安排课程,派遣代课象棋教练,或者安排补课。


1. 在您所选的时间段内每周最多上两堂小班课
2. 本季时间内的ChessKid黄金会员资格
3. 每周最多上两次基于孩子实际水平的讲座
4. 周度ChessKid线上比赛









注册费用可在课程开始的5个工作日之前申请全额退还。开学前5天内申请,可操作退款80%。 在第一堂课和整个学期的一半之前,剩下课程的50%的课程注册费可以退还。任何支付交易费用将从退款中扣除。在季票的一半课程完成后,将不予退款。


我们可能会录课或者录讲座并用于相关的促销目的。 我们也可能公布竞赛参与者的姓名,年龄,学校和国际象棋联合会。 如果您不希望您或您的孩子被包括在内,请通知我们。


1. 兄弟姐妹折扣 – 已注册学生的兄弟姐妹可以享有八五折。此折扣不能与其它任何折扣同时使用,并且此折扣必须在注册时由监护人方面提出来。

2. 早鸟折扣 – 适用于完整线上会员资格

a. 八五折 – 在课程开始前的4个周之前有
b. 九折 – 在课程开始前的3个周之前有
c. 九五折 – 在课程开始前的2个周之前有

3. 家长推荐奖励政策


  1. 将我们的课程海报或报名二维码分享给朋友。
  2. 在公众号给我们留言,发送您朋友的名字和联系方式。
  3. 当您的朋友完成试听并报名我们的课程后,您和您的朋友都可以得到200元优惠券,用于下次报名使用。

我们的所有课程在以下任何期间都可能会被暂时性的中止。这些让我们不能运行我们课程的期间包括天灾,政府机构的行为或者法令,火灾, 洪水,地震,恐怖主义或恐怖主义威胁,战争, 民众骚乱,劳工罢工或中断,医学流行病或暴发,设施毁坏,运输设施缩减,或者任何类似的超出我们合理控制能力的事件或者发生的事情(不可抗力事件)。我们不承担由于这些原因导致的我们课程暂时性的中止的责任。

如果我们援引此条款,我们将有权(但没有义务)提供替代课程。 在上述情况下,如果注册人拒绝接受替代课程,那么课程费用的退款将根据本文中详述的退款政策进行处理。

*任何折扣都不能被追溯性的使用 – 请在注册时告知我们。任何折扣都不能同时使用。