SCA Policies


We provide activities on digital platforms or at appropriate facilities with qualified coaches. However, we do not accept any liability for any consequences, and all guardians are confirming they understand this when registering for our classes or events. Parents/guardians are responsible for any damage caused by their children and for supervising their children before and after our activities. . Any type of unsporting behaviour when playing chess either during or after classes, including but not limited to consulting chess engines during games, or accessing other accounts, will be closely examined and subject to appropriate disciplinary measures. In the most severe cases, unsporting behaviour, or cheating, will result in expulsion from our chess platforms and Academy. We reserve the right to exclude children who have a negative impact on classes.

Classroom Rules 

Please respect the class start and finish times so we can provide a great experience to all students. In principle, students cannot eat during the class, however if there are any special circumstances please let our Coach or Customer Service know.

Onsite (face-to-face) classes:

  1. Parents & guardians should bring students to the teaching location no earlier than 10 minutes before the class start time and collect them no later than 10 minutes after the class finish time. SCA cannot supervise students outside these times.

  2. Parents & guardians cannot stay in the classroom during the class. During the first class or free trial class, parents & guardians may stay in the class for the first 15 minutes only.

Online class via internet:

  1. Suggested environment for online Chess Class:

a. Please select a quiet room without background noise, this will help students to on concentrate on learning;

b. Please use a desktop or a laptop with camera with a stable network, 4G hotspot network from mobile phone would be a backup solution if the network is unstable;

c. Students should turn on the camera during the class. Coaches will be able to monitor and manage students from theirs body language, and behaviour etc.; and Coaches will be able to provide feedback to parents of students’ performance.

  1. Login to online class requirement:

a. Parents & guardians should login the online class 10 minutes before the class start time, and students can ask questions with our Coach before the class has started;

b. If parents & guardians login the online class after the class has started, please follow the Coach’s guidance during the class.

  1. Accompany policy for Parents & Guardians:

a. If parents & guardians would like to accompany students during the online class, Parents & Guardians should listen only and be quite during the class please. For any feedback or suggestion please contact our Customer Service Team via WeChat Official Account “SCAChess” or email support@scachess.com.

b. Chess class language is ENGLISH only.


We reserve the right to cancel classes due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. instructor illness). We will either reschedule the class, send a substitute chess coach, or arrange a make-up class.

Season Pass (Season registrations)

Our season pass provides access to one class per week at your chosen time for the season. At least 3 classes must be registered at one time to qualify for the full membership price. If only 1 or 2 classes remain, they can be included in the next Season’s membership when registered together and will also qualify for the Early Bird Discount. Memberships and classes are non-transferable. Each season pass includes:

  1. One class per week at your chosen time

  2. One online practice session per week based on student’s level

  3. ChessKid Gold membership for the duration of the season

Missed classes

Make-up classes can be taken for missed classes up to 3 times in a season when prior notice is given, at another time or location subject to availability. Leave and make-up requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance for our coaches to maintain quality standards for all students. Leave or make up requests made within 24 hours of the class time cannot be granted. Once a make-up class has been scheduled, it cannot be rescheduled unless at least 24 hours’ notice is provided. Where a class is missed without a prior notice, the credits will be deducted as absent.

Make up classes must be taken within the same season as the missed class, except the last class which can be taken in the following season. Make-ups for any classes cancelled by SCA can be taken at any time. Notice for sick leave must be given at least 1 hour before the class.

Drop-in classes    

Drop-in class tickets can be purchased at the individual class rate and used flexibly when there is space in the class. Drop-in class registration cannot be approved if the class is full of full-time course participants. We can only guarantee places for students who register for the entire course.

Refunds or Credit Carry Over

Registration fees are fully refundable up to 5 working days before an activity commences. Less than 5 days before then 80% is refundable. After the first class and up to halfway through the Season, 50% of the remaining classes registration fees are refundable. After half of the classes in the Season Pass have completed no refund will be issued. Any payment transaction fees will be deducted from the refund.

If a student cannot continue attending the classes in that season, a dropping out request should be submitted at least 5 working days in advance before stopping the attendance. Up to 80% of the remaining credits can be carried over to the following season only.

A Refund Application is required as written confirmation of refund or credit carry over to the following season.

Photographs and Information

We may take photographs of participants and record online lessons and lectures and use for relevant promotional purposes. We may also publish competition participants name, age, school and chess federation on our online platforms. If you do not wish you or your child to be included, please inform us.

Force Majeure

Our programmes may be temporarily suspended during any period(s) where we are unable to carry out them out by reason of an Act of God, acts or decrees of governmental bodies, fire, flood, earthquake, terrorism or threats of terrorism, war, civil disorder, labour strikes or disruptions, medical epidemics or outbreaks, destruction of facilities, curtailment of transportation facilities , or any similar event or occurrence beyond our reasonable control (Force Majeure Event). We shall not be liable to deliver any programmes temporarily suspended for such reason.

Should we invoke this clause, we shall have the right (but not obligated) to offer an alternative programme. Under the above circumstances, if registrants refuse to accept the alternative programme, then a refund of programme costs will be processed according to the refund policy detailed herein.