• What happens if there is a sudden internet connection interruption?
    You should try to reconnect as fast as possible. It’s usually around 30 seconds before the game auto-resigns.
    If you lose a game due to disconnection, you can still play the next game, but after a few losses due to lost internet connection the platform might automatically block the account for the rest of the tournament.


  • What if two or more teams scored the same number of points?
    Final standings will be determined based on tie break points.
    If tie break points don’t determine the champion, an additional match will be organized.


  • How to ensure players will not help each other or otherwise cheat during the tournament?
    The lichess.org platform uses an advanced algorithm to determine if players are using external help during the games.
    SCA Coaches spot check games to see if there are any abnormalities or red flags.
    The organizer may request a Zoom call during the tournament if there is any suspicion of foul play.


  • Are boys and girls playing together?
    Yes, all participants are playing in one group.


  • Do we continue playing if we lose a game?
    Yes, we will continue playing until the tournament time is over. It’s a lichess.org arena format.


  • Can a student who is currently homeschooled join the school team?
    Only currently enrolled students can join the school team.


  • How much does it cost to join the league?
    The participation in the ISOCL is free of charge.


  • Can SCA run an after school chess activity in my school?
    Contact us at schools@scachess.com for more information on how we can support ur afterschool chess activities


  • What if we have less than 4 players on the tournament day, can we still play?
    Yes, you can still play with less than 4 players.