-SCA’s 轻会员课包-

2 次讲座课程 / 周

Chesskid 黄金会员 (仅限季卡会员)


Want to enrich your chess knowledge at home?

Kids are easily bored with pre-recorded video class?

We know what’s the best solution for you!

We offer 5 lectures per week with at least 2 of your level

By interacting with coaches, our real-time lectures can stimulate students’ interest to the greatest extent.

After lectures, students will receive handouts. They can also choose to record the lecture for reviewing. 

  • International ChallengeOn the last Sunday of each month, SCA’s Sunday Tournament goes international! We will invite kids from different countries to participate all together with SCA students.
  • SaturdaysEvery Saturday SCA organizes a blitz tournament named after one of the chess champions that we introduce in our classes. Join other kids to celebrate the contribution of those Masters to the world of chess.
  • SundaysSCA’s Spring Season Grand Prix has been going on for 14 weeks. We are gaining more and more participants every week! There are 24 tournaments in total. The last tournament will be on June 14th.