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Ways to draw : Stalemate

Monday 周一 - Coach Karol – Level 2-3 二到三级

PERPETUAL CHECK is a common method of saving a hopeless-looking position is to force a threefold repetition of the same position.

Master series: Immortal games

Tuesday 周二 Coach Kinga – Level 2- 4 二到四级

“Studying history is the ultimate passport to the future”


The Immortal Games are the most amazing games in the chess history. 

If you want to learn about an attacking play and become a chess master in the future you should definitely join this lecture. 

You can start learning from the greatest players in the history of chess now!

The Panov Formation

Wednesday 周三 Coach Giovanni – Level 3+ 三级以上

The Panov Formation

Endgame - All you need to know

Thursday 周四 - Coach Vitaly – Level 4+ 四级以上


In order to improve your game, you must study the endgame before everything else.” ~ Jose Raul Capablanca, the former World Chess Champion.

To learn to play the endgame well, one must:

  • Know as many typical ways, positions and their methods of playing as possible. As skills grow, the number of exact positions which can be firmly remembered should increase.
  • Learn to understand the final stage of a game, to find the correct plans for it. For this purpose, it is necessary to study endgame classics and to solve chess problems constantly, principally those that are as close to a practical game as possible, as well as to analyze one’s own endings carefully.

In this series we will cover basic endgames and the most common plans that every young chess player must know.

Evans Gambit Introduction

Friday 周五 Coach Rafal – Level 4-6 四到六级

Evans Gambit Introduction

Gambit It is opening in which one player sacrifices material, most often a pawn, in purpose of obtaining advantage in development.

In this series coach Rafal will introduce one of the most interesting ways to start a fight for a quick and strong initiative- Evans Gambit

It has been tested now for almost 2 centuries and proven to be dangerous weapon against players of all strengths.