SCA 在线讲座

Tactical element to win material or checkmate

周一 - Coach Karol – Beginner 2,3

Join my lectures on the basic elements of chess tactics and sharpen your chess vision.

From my lectures you will learn:
– how to get rid of key defenders,
– how to effectively use potential weaknesses of your opponent.

Together, we’ll also look at interesting examples from chess games that will show you that unusual ideas can be very effective.

The greatest chess players of all time

周二 Coach Kinga – (Beginner 2 - Intermediate 3)

During my lectures about the greatest chess masters, you will learn the most important facts from their lives and you will learn about the most interesting moments from their chess games.

I hope that the most important characters from the chess world will inspire you to create works of art while playing your own games.


  1. Magnus Carlsen – The current World Chess Champion
  2. Garry Kasparov – Greatest of the Greats
  3. Anatoly Karpov – former World Champion, master of prophylaxis
  4. Bobby Fischer – former World Champion, the most dominant chess player of the era
  5. Paul Morphy – the greatest attacking player of the 1800s
  6. Hikaru Nakamura – American GM and a modern tactical wizard
  7. Alireza Firouzja – the most exciting young grandmaster today

Miniature games: how to defeat your opponent in 20 moves

周一 - Coach Vitaly – 中级/高级


Let’s study miniatures, games that are not spoiled by obvious mistakes by the losing side, and in which one side managed to develop a crushing attack.

The Greatest Battles in the History of Chess (Highly Instructive Games)

周三 19:00-20:00 - Coach Giovanni – 中级/高级


In his new series of lectures, Coach Giovanni will go through famous classical games played by the great masters.
Studying the classics will improve the student’s overall chess understanding.
“You will not only see a lot of attacking games, but you will also learn a lot about strategy, endgame principles and the fascinating tactics. Oftentimes, I will describe to you what’s going on in the grandmaster’s mind during the game.
These lectures promise to be exciting and will surely enrich your chess culture. You will learn where and when these epic historic encounters took place. See you. Think like a grandmaster! – Coach Giovanni