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SCA Online Tournaments

Every week SCA Chess Academy from Shanghai organizes online tournaments on www.chesskid.com to provide students an opportunity to put their learned skills to test.


SCA takes fair play in competition seriously and we actively monitor tournament games for any signs of unfair advantage – or cheating. SCA Chess Academy would like to inform all previous and future players who attend our online tournaments that all played games during the online tournaments are being monitored both by ChessKid and SCA Chess Academy. If any suspicious game is spotted that player’s account will be closed immediately and he or she will be banned from our online tournaments. Let’s play fair games and show good sportsmanship to each other!


Tournament Schedule



International Schools Online Chess League

30th April18:00

Every Saturday SCA organizes a blitz tournament named after one of the chess champions that we introduce in our classes. Join other kids to celebrate the contribution of those Masters to the world of chess.

Time control: 5 minutes + 5 seconds increment

Rounds: 5

Time:  6:30 PM Saturday (GMT+8) Shanghai Time

SCA’s Spring Grand Prix consist of rapid chess tournaments every Sunday. It started on April 4th, 2021 and will continue for 11 weeks in total.

Time control: 8 minutes + 2 seconds increment
Rounds: 6
Time: 6:30 PM Sunday (GMT+8) Shanghai Time

SCA’s International School Online Chess League first tournament in 2021 recently took place on Friday 26 March!  

68 students from 15 international schools participated! 

Two more tournaments coming soon! Have you joined yet!?

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