International Schools Online Chess League, Spring Season 2020-21


74 students from 18 international and bilingual schools participated in the Spring Season of SCA’s International Schools Online Chess League.


Schools competed in 3 tournaments, in March, April and May. Each tournament was an individual competition with team standings based on the individual performance of each player on the team. Each school team was formed from the top 4 students in the final standings of each tournament. A school needed at least 3 students participating to form a team and to be included in the final standings.



Final Standings 春季联赛最终排名

  1. Shanghai Community International School – Hongqiao (42 points)
    Champion Team
  2. Shanghai High School International Division – Pudong (37 points)
    2nd Place
  3. German School Shanghai – Hongqiao (33 points)
    3rd Place
  4. Shanghai High School International Division – Puxi (29.5 points)
  5. Yew Chung International School of Shanghai – Puxi (29 points)
  6. Dulwich College Shanghai – Pudong (27 points)


Top 4 players in Spring Season (total score) from each School Team


Shanghai Community International School – Hongqiao

  1. Haoran Leung
  2. Kyle Shao-Yen Hung
  3. Michael Jiang
  4. Simon Ju

Shanghai High School International Division – Pudong

  1. Ching Sui Hu
  2. Owen Su
  3. Alvin Mei
  4. Kai Hornbein

German School Shanghai – Hongqiao

  1. David Xi Gong
  2. Maximilian Dorfner
  3. Felix Werthammer
  4. Timur Feix

Shanghai High School International Division – Puxi

  1. Hans Zhu
  2. Toby Mingxiao Chen
  3. Renee Huang
  4. Hatian Zhang

Yew Chung International School of Shanghai – Puxi

  1. Vincent Sia
  2. Youhan Fan
  3. Lucas Tu
  4. Eric Hu

Dulwich College Shanghai – Pudong

  1. Daniel Zhu
  2. Yuchen Wang
  3. Blake Che

Top individual performances in Spring Season 春季联赛最佳个人成绩

  1. Ching Sui Hu (13 points) – SHSID Pudong
  2. Haoran Leung (12.5 points) – SCIS Hongqiao
  3. Daniel Zhu (11.5 points) – DCS Pudong
  4. YuChen Wang (11.5 points) – DCS Pudong
  5. Kyle Shao-Yen Hung (10 points) – SCIS Hongqiao
  6. Owen Su (10 points) – SHSID Pudong
  7. Michael Jiang (9.5 points) – SCIS Hongqiao
  8. David Xi Gong (9.5 points) – DSS Hongqiao
  9. Alvin Mei (9 points) – SHSID Pudong
  10. Brian Cheng (8.5 points) – WCIS Pudong

Interviews 采访

We reached out to schools’ captains and players to find out the key to success.

SHSID Pudong students believe that the most important factors that helped them achieve the final success were having fun as a team, motivation to win and progress, and team spirit. Of course, they practice playing games and solving puzzles on ChessKid nearly every day.

The captain of the German School Shanghai Hongqiao team, Dennis Olschewski, also shared his perspective on decisive factors to achieving success:

The key was that all players got better in accepting a lost game. It is something that is just part of the sport itself. Because of that they stayed motivated, kept having fun and supported each other to become better. Also a mixture of talented players and players who showed up constantly.

Regarding the preparations for the league, there seems to be a consensus among the players and captains, there is no better way than just to keep practicing and learning from mistakes. Team t-shirts and practice sessions help a lot with building a team spirit which often plays a key role in crucial moments of the competition.