A Grand Showdown at the 1st Qualifier of ISOCL Spring Season 2024

The 1st Qualifier of the International Schools Online Chess League (ISOCL) Spring Season 2024 has come to a thrilling close, leaving in its wake a legacy of strategic brilliance and intense competition. Held on the 21st of March on lichess.org, this qualifier saw the convergence of 228 young chess enthusiasts from 36 distinguished international and bilingual schools, all vying for glory in the chess arena. 

Top 20 

Schools Standings 


The schools’ standings are a reflection of the collective efforts and strategic depth of each participating institution. Team points are based on the top 4 students from each school team, and in case of a tie, we look at the total score of all the players on the team.¬†Here are the top-performing schools from the 1st qualifier:¬†

NO. School Team Score Players Total score
1 International School Manila 2023/24 100 19 284
2 Victory Christian International School 2023/24 96 15 280
3 SMIC Private School Shanghai 2023/24 89 10 154
4 Harrow International School Shanghai 2023/24 81 14 206
5 Wellington College International Shanghai 2023/24 81 10 142
6 Deutsche Schule Shanghai Hongqiao 2023/2024 78 22 150
7 Deutsche Botschaftsschule Peking 2023/24 78 9 124
8 International School of Nanshan Shenzhen 2023/24 74 13 160
9 LPU Laguna International School 2023/24 71 4 71
10 Lycée Français de Shanghai 2023/24 67 10 136
11 Concordia International School Shanghai 2023/24 67 11 123
12 Shekou International School Shenzhen 2023/24 65 9 111
13 YK Pao School 2023/24 64 6 69
14 Xiamen International School 2023/24 63 12 97
15 Yew Chung International School Puxi 2023/24 61 10 103
16 Wycombe Abbey School Changzhou 2023/24 61 9 92
17 Yew Chung International School of Shanghai Pudong 2023/24 60 4 60
18 Shanghai Community International School Puxi 2023/24 59 5 66
19 Harrow International School Hong Kong 2023/24 47 5 47
20 Shanghai Starriver Bilingual School 2023/24 46 3 46

Top 10 

Individual Performances 

The individual performances were a spectacle of tactical acumen and focused determination. Here are the top 10, including the 11th place who also scored an impressive 23 points: 


NO Lichess nickname Name School Team Score
1 VCIS-AndrewT Andrew Toledo Victory Christian International School 30
2 DSSH-FeodorL Feodor Logothetis Deutsche Schule Shanghai Hongqiao 28
3 ISM-SrihaanP Srihaan Poddar International School Manila 26
4 SMIC-NickG Nick Gong SMIC Private School Shanghai 26
5 ISM-MiguelAndresS Miguel Andres Silva International School Manila 26
6 HISS-CharlieH Charlie Hammar Harrow International School Shanghai 25
7 YKPS-AdrianR Adrian Ruiqian YK Pao School 25
8 ISM-WilliamP William Paras International School Manila 24
9 ISM-FredricAlexander Fredric Alexander Chung International School Manila 24
10 SMIC-JeromeY Jerome Ying SMIC Private School Shanghai 23
11 ISM-KeinosukeK Keinosuke Kobayashi International School Manila 23

Each player on this list brought their A-game, showcasing a high level of chess mastery.


Upcoming Qualifiers 

and Registration


The excitement continues with the 2nd Qualifier, which is just around the corner. New¬†students are welcome to join from this round; all they need to do is register for the¬†event. For those who have already participated in the 1st Qualifier, the process is even¬†smoother ‚Äď no need to register again. Simply head to the link & join the¬†fray:¬†https://lichess.org/tournament/0nB0fLBC

Ensuring Fair-Play 

In the spirit of fair-play, the top 10 players from the 1st qualifier will be invited to an online meeting during the second qualifier. This initiative will require players to join with their web-cams on, ensuring transparency and fair-play. Tencent Meeting and Zoom will be the platforms of choice for this online supervision. 


the Chess Community 


The ISOCL is a free event, but we rely on the generosity of our community to continue providing this platform for young chess players. Your donations will help us maintain and improve the league, ensuring that the future of chess remains vibrant and accessible to all. 

In conclusion, the 1st qualifier of ISOCL Spring Season 2024 was a resounding success, showcasing the talent and passion of young chess players from around the globe. As we look forward to the next qualifier, we celebrate the achievements of the participants and the spirit of fair competition that defines the ISOCL. 

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