Golden Week Tournament 2018

Golden Week Tournament Recap

104 competitors participated in SCA’s 2018 Golden Week Tournament at Shanghai Centre last Sunday.  Students from 35 Schools representing 14 Federations played a total of 387 games over 8 rounds!

Opening Ceremony

Playing Hall

8 rounds for U18, U10 and U8 categories were played in the Atrium

5 rounds for U6 were played in the afternoon in the Plaza

Before rounds, the Wellness Experts provided special exercises designed to improve mental performance by increasing oxygen & blood flow to the brain!

Special effects make-up artist Lena Cao provided participants with  chess themed face painting throughout the day!

At the end of the day, trophies, medals and certificates were awarded for the top 5 individuals in each category

Under 6

1. Bai Li

2. Evan Alpert

3. Isaac Shen

4. Harry Zhu

5. Oscar Lyu

Under 8

1. Henry Zhou

2.  Julien  Zhu

3. Hetesh Chandersekar

4. Sebastian Lee

5. Maximilian Dorfner

Under 10

1. Ryan Weng

2.  Morakot Zhang

3. Pandora Zhou

4. Jialiang Li

5.  Luan Luo

Under 18

1. Daniel Lin

2. Eason Sun

3. Rachel Chen

4. Benjamin Bourdiniere

5. Oscar Yasunaga


Final standings are decided by points then tie break points in the order below:

  • Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (If tied players met, the result of their game decides)
  • Tie Break2: The greater number of victories(variable)
  • Tie Break3: Buchholz (the sum of the scores of each of the opponents of a player)

Schools Results

School Gold Silver Bronze Mention Total
Shanghai United International School 1 2 7
Shanghai High School International Division 1 1 6
Langhua Kindergarten 1 5
Yifu Primary School of Shanghai 1 5
Shanghai American School Puxi 2 4

Special Thanks to our Event Title Sponsor

CreditEase 宜信财富

And to our Venue Host

Shanghai Centre

A big thank you to our Partners at the Wellness Experts

Special thanks to face painting artist Lena

And to all our prize sponsors

1- Fields

2- Citic-Prudential

3- RenaudAir

4- Juss Intellisports

5- Stefano Ricci

6- Links Mobility

7- The Portman Ritz-Carlton

Congratulations to the winners and all participants for a memorable day of tournament chess.

See you all again next time! 

Some Memorable Moments

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