SCA 夏季锦标赛 首场比赛回顾

SCA’s Summer Tour – 1st Tournament

This summer, SCA is providing every young chess player the chance to play in a grand tournament – SCA’s Summer Tour! 3 big tournaments will take place on the last Sunday of each month of our online Summer Season. Tour points will accumulate from each tournament. The event provides the students an opportunity to put their learned skills to test.

Last Sunday – 28th of June – 83 players from around the world competed for the highest places in the first tournament of the Summer Tour. The time control was 8 minutes + 2 seconds and participants played 7 rounds.


We present here the results. The podium went to:


  1. Alzadjali Abdul Rahman (OMA-AlzadjaliA) Oman
  2. Roger Bao (Sh_Yueyi_RogerBao) China
  3. Kourosh Yazdani (IRI-YazdaniK ) Iran

Awesome! Well done!


SCA takes fair play in competition seriously and we actively monitor tournament games for any signs of unfair advantage – or cheating. SCA Chess Academy would like to inform all previous and future players who attend our online tournaments that all played games during the online tournaments are being monitored both by ChessKid and SCA Chess Academy. If any suspicious game is spotted that player’s account will be closed immediately and he or she will be banned from our online tournaments. Let’s play fair games and show good sportsmanship to each other!


We have selected for you the best moments from the tournament winners party, which we hope will inspire you to play interesting chess games.

ExtraMaestro (1472) – HK-Caissa-Zion (1371)

In the position we see in the diagram, black made a mistake by playing

17… Nb4? with an idea of Nxc2 forking the queen and the rook  [Better was 17…Bf6+=] White has ignored the threat and immediately started an attack on the castled king by playing 18.f6!  gxf6

[If 18…Nxc2 then 19.Qg3 making a checkmate threat on g7,
g6 (19…g5 20.Bxg5+–) 20.Qxg6+ using the pinned pawn on f7 Kh8 21.Qg7#] 19.Bxh6 a new piece comes to the attack Kh7 20.Qh4 White adds queen to the attack Kg6 21.Rf3 Deadly rook lift which forced Black to resign


OMA-AlDarwashiA (1800) – SAS-TitianZ (1305)

Black made a big mistake and captured the bishop with 22… Kxf8??  [ Better was 22…Rxf8µ] 23.Qf4!  White created a battery of a queen and rook aiming at f7 threatening checkmate. White also makes use of the fact that the Black queen is busy defending the knight on e4 and cannot protect f7. Black is forced to play f5 24.exf6 en passant Qxc4 [ Does not help the move 24…Kf7 due to 25.Qh6+–] 25.Qh6+ Kf7 26.Qg7+ Ke8 27.Qe7# White uses the weakness of the dark squares to make a quick checkmate.


POL-AleksanderK (1490) – SH_Yueyi_RogerBao (1575)

21.Rd1 Rxe2+! Black sacrifices the rook to get an access to the White’s king 22.Kxe2 Re8#


Upcoming tournaments

SCA’s Summer Tour will consist of 3 big tournaments on the last Sunday of each month of Summer Season. The next one will be held 26th of July.

If you would like to be a part of it please register 15 minutes before the tournament starts! Tournaments are hosted on: www.chesskid.com. After you have registered through the link above, you need to join the tournament following the instructions: