Chess is the world’s number one thinking sport, played by millions of people every day. Although the exact origins of the game are still something of a mystery, what is known is that playing chess helps youngsters and adults alike to maintain healthy cognitive functioning. Playing chess is widely recognized for improving attention, focus, concentration, and memory, creative thinking and visualization capabilities, yet the benefits of chess run even deeper. Playing and studying chess also develops numerous positive character traits which benefit young learners throughout their lives, including perseverance, sportsmanship, good manners, respect, team spirit, not to mention learning to embrace failure as the route to future success.

Structured learning and competitive playing opportunities are needed to realize the maximum potential benefits. Kids must be able to practice what they learn. To realize that aim, SCA has organized many competitive chess tournaments in Shanghai since 2015, including the first International Schools Online Chess League. Now we’re pleased to announce the 2022-2023 International Schools Online League, and we welcome teams from all international schools worldwide to participate and compete.

ISOCL 2023-24 Autumn Season Qualifier 3

Season 2022-2023 Autumn Season. Final Six Results

Season 2022-2023 November Tournament Results

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