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How to register for an online session 如何报名在线课程

Follow the steps below to register and join our online chess sessions 请按照以下步骤来报名在线国际象棋课程 Visit SCA Website Find the online chess classes timetable for each level and choose the class with suitable time and level 访问SCA官网 查找各级别的在线国际象棋课程表,选择合适的时间和级别。 Click on the arrow to view date and time for each session and choose the one which you would [...]

How to join an online session 如何参加在线课程

Checklist before joining a session Make sure no other app or software uses microphone. (camera is not needed) Make sure you are in a quiet room, no background noises, no eating during the session. Younger students should be accompanied by parents, especially at the beginning and during the first session, so that they can get [...]

Online Weekdays – 线上周中课程

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Online Weekends – 线上周末课程

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